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Elderflower and Rhubarb Cake

Elderflower and Rhubarb Cake

To celebrate the arrival of spring, try our fresh and seasonal rhubarb and elderflower cake - t...
Christmas pudding scones

Christmas Pudding Scones Recipe

Experience a delightful twist on the classic British scone with our Christmas Pudding Scones recipe. This festive treat is a brilliant way to put your leftover Christmas pudding to delicious use. Combining rich festive flavours with the lightness of a scone, this recipe is surprisingly simple to follow. Indulge in these scones warm out of the oven, accompanied by a generous dollop of clotted cream or brandy butter, and a dusting of icing sugar for a truly Christmassy touch.
Comforting Apple Crumble Recipe

Comforting Apple Crumble Recipe

We often get asked by our customers what our secret ingredients are, however we're pretty appreh...

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