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  • Barrel of either apple or orange juice

  • Toast planks with beans or cheese

  • Treasure trove oatcake


    With beans or cheese

  • Tiny Tapas


    Fruit slices, roast ham, cheese and tomatoes

  • Side portions of beans or cheese

  • Sandwiches


    White, wholemeal or wholegrain

    Egg mayonnaise, roast turkey, jam, cheddar cheese or roast ham.

  • Ginger & Pickles Treasure Basket


    A sandwich from above, seasonal fruit slices, a biscuit, apple or orange juice and a chocolate treat served in a mini treasure basket

  • Plate of Yummy Biscuits

  • Hot Chocolate


    topped with marshmallows

  • Milkshake


    Strawberry, chocolate, banana, or vanilla