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Introducing Zero Waste Coffee at Ginger and Pickles

Introducing Zero Waste Coffee at Ginger and Pickles

The world’s love of coffee means that globally we consume over 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day. The UK alone accounts for 98 million of those daily cups. This amount of coffee usage means that our coffee waste adds up pretty quickly. In fact, it’s estimated that up to a billion coffee pods go into landfills each year.

At Ginger and Pickles we are always looking for opportunities to make greener choices. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that you’ll now find newly installed zero-waste coffee dispensers in each of our Cheshire-based tearooms!

So if you love the taste of our South American single-origin coffee you can now take some with you to enjoy at home with zero waste implications. Ditch the excess plastic, shop local and enjoy your coffee!

What Does Zero-Waste Mean?

Living a zero-waste lifestyle whether at home or in the workplace, means striving to use as little single-use plastic as possible. Instead, you opt for sustainable and reusable alternatives, which means you send as little as possible to landfills, damaging the environment and natural habitat around them. Replacing as much as possible with reusable products includes everything from clothing, to food and drink packaging, to hygiene products, either more sustainable or plastic-free, which will ultimately protect the environment, and benefit communities and your pocket.

G&P Zero Waste Coffee - How it Works

1. Pop into your local G&P

2. Either bring your own reusable container or use our reusable bags

3. Fill up your bag or container with your desired amount of beans

4. Pay at the counter and take your beans home

5. Grind them and make a beautiful coffee!

So next time you pop by one of our tearooms for a coffee (and cake!), bring along a container or one of our reusable coffee bags and take your favourite beans home with you. Then you can be very smug enjoying your daily caffeine fix without any single-use plastic!


Sustainability at G&P

Achieving zero waste might be easier said than done, but at Ginger and Pickles we’re doing our best to make a difference however big or small. We use local produce where we can to reduce our carbon footprint, our takeaway packaging is 100% compostable and our bread, pastries and yummy treats are all made in-store or at our Tarporley Bakehouse. 

At our Byley tearoom, we work in partnership with Lowes Farm Shop to use the freshest, most local ingredients in all of our dishes. This means that we are quite literally practising the ‘field-to-fork’ ethos. A great example of this is our roast dinners, which is the perfect way to use what’s around us to our best possible advantage. Using the freshest spuds and vegetables from the farm shop’s field (you can even see them from our terrace!) and delicious, locally sourced meat from H Davidson's butchers (situated inside the Farm Shop).

Check out our hot drinks menu online and in-store across our locations in Byley, Tarporley and Nantwich. 


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