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Our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Shop & Eat Locally

Our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Shop & Eat Locally

As a small family-owned and run business Ginger and Pickles has been aware that our local community shops are slowly disappearing. This is often a direct result of the leading national supermarkets and restaurant groups growing in size and numbers and the ever-increasing growing trend for people to shop online with these major brands. These two factors have devastated villages and smaller towns across our home county of Cheshire and throughout the country – especially now in these difficult times; even our cities are being affected with our high streets imploding.

Ginger and Pickles has been part of the Cheshire landscape since 2005 when founder Bev Ozard opened her first shop on Mill Street in Nantwich, where the cafe still operates. Since then Bev’s husband Andy and son Harry have come on board to help grow the business and today Ginger and Pickles has three tea rooms across south Cheshire (in Nantwich, Byley and Tarporley), as well as a Bakehouse in Tarporley

As a local business that loves its local community, here are five big reasons why we think shopping and eating local is so invaluable:

1. You're keeping the high street alive

By shopping locally, you are reinvesting money back into your community and keeping the high street busy and bustling, resulting in other small businesses profiting!

Ginger and Pickles in Nantwich

2. You're helping local farms & service companies
Local retailers like us tend to purchase products from local producers, which in turn keeps local farmers, manufacturers and service companies in business.

A range of products sold by Ginger and Pickles

3. You'll be helping to create a better place to live

Keeping your local businesses up and running means that they can generate revenue to support local council services like schools, parks, roads, libraries and many other services that make your community a better place to live.

Ginger and Pickles food being enjoyed in the park


4. You're reducing your carbon footprint

When you choose to shop and eat locally, you travel less distance and often walk or cycle, significantly reducing the amount of air pollution and traffic congestion.  Most of our produce is also sourced locally where we can, so rest assured the yummy food you're eating hasn't travelled far! 

A cup of coffee outside in the sun

5. You'll have a smile on your face

We’re a local family and we’re heavily involved in all of our tearooms, so when you visit one of our locations you’ll be met with a friendly face and a chat, which many people are in need of right now.

A smiling Ginger and Pickles employee


Shop Local this Christmas 

From our best-selling Santa size stollen to our rich and fruity Christmas cakes and everything in between, you'll find all you need on our website to make this Christmas one to remember. We also have gift vouchers and even a Bucks Fizz Breakfast on Christmas Eve, so take a look and choose to Shop Local this Christmas.

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