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Introducing The New G&P Bakehouse

Freshly made artisan bread, Cheshire. Near Chester. Takeaway food for picnics and home. Bakery.
Have you been noticing the scent of freshly baked bread sifting through Tarporley High Street? Wondering where it’s coming from? Surprise, it’s us! To update you briefly, our old Tarporley shop has moved opposite and we’ve transformed the tearooms into a takeaway-only BakehouseYou’ll be able to purchase bread made fresh that very day along with hot from the oven morning pastries, sweet treats, only the best quality coffees, hearty lunches and of course, cake. 

Support your local business

After becoming bored of average supermarket breads, we rapidly started to grow a passion for artisan breads and pastries. Lockdown massively changed our mindset and we learnt that customers were in need of more fresh, local produce to improve their sandwiches and breakfasts when eating from home. Since our Tarporley shop used to be a bakery we decided to revisit history and revive the old bakery! 

Since lockdown is lifting, it’s more important than ever to support your local business. Adjusting your weekly grocery routine to purchase from independent shops instead of large supermarkets helps so much to get businesses back on track after what has been a rather challenging year.

Our bakers are working relentlessly to provide the people of Cheshire with only the best quality breads, pastries and sweet treats. So, treat yourself as well as supporting your local business and try visiting us this week instead of your nearest supermarket chain! 

Visit our Bakehouse 


Switch to artisan bread 

Artisan, fresh bread in Tarporley, Cheshire. Bakery Cheshire.
Did you know that mass produced loaves of bread tend to swap whole grains for bleached flours and chemical additives? Although you might see more loaves being advertised as whole grain in the bread aisle, they’re actually laden with refined sugars and lots of added salt to improve the overall texture and quality. If you’re seeing a long list of ingredients you should probably swerve.
With this in mind, this is just one of many reasons why you should try ditching your average supermarket loaf and support your local business by switching to artisan breads that are made with plenty of TLC using the best ingredients! Our wholesome breads are made with minimal yet high quality ingredients using only high quality yeast, water and a little salt. Our delicious, crusty loaves are a far cry from your standard, stark white sandwich bread. You won’t regret trying them - we promise!




Shop sustainably. Environmentally friendly grocery shopping. Shop locally and support small businesses.

As we probably are all aware, our planet needs as much help as it can get at the moment. Purchasing from local shops and supporting smaller, independent businesses means that we can hugely reduce food miles. When shopping at a supermarket chain, many of the food items that you buy can travel up to over 1500 miles before it even reaches your cupboard. By shopping locally we’re cutting down these food miles, reducing our carbon footprint and helping to lower the environmental impact food has on our planet. 

Our loaves and baked goods are also provided to you in eco-friendly greaseproof paper and bags instead of plastic! This is just another way of helping our environment, our bread is made fresh that day so there’s just no need to preserve it in plastic. 


With so many reasons as to why you should visit our Bakehouse it’d be silly not to pop in, say hi and pay us a visit! Our friendly team will assist you on choosing everything you need to make the perfect breakfast, lunch and even dinner. We can’t wait to see you! 


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